Who is Torco?

Torco is a large metalworking and machining operation supplying OEM, manufacturers, and government agencies with precision-made parts and assemblies for us in the manufacturer of automobiles, home appliances, power hand tools, diesel engines, light and heavy machinery, and aerospace equipment.

We utilize multi-spindle screw machines, along with CNC mills and lathes, supported by complete secondary operation departments that include broaching, profile and thru feed grinding, induction heat treating, and vibratory finishing.

Latest News

Awarded best Screw Machine & CNC
Nov 09, 2015

Torco, Inc. was awarded the "Best of 2015" in Marietta, GA for Screw Machine and CNC Products.

Torco celebrates 60 years!
Oct 7, 2013

Over the past 10 years, Torco has continued to change its product to include only machined parts and assemblies that have close tolerances, are difficult to manufacture, have extremely high quality requirements and immediate delivery. The company is operated by its President, Robert M. Torras Sr. The day-to-day operations of the company are run by Vice President, Brian Torras, and General Manager, Jeff Livermore, who both live in Cobb County.

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